Courtney Robertson Watching Her Season For the First Time — Why?!
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Courtney Robertson Watching Her Season For the First Time — Why?!

Guess who's still "winning!"? The Bachelor Season 16’s Courtney Robertson amused us to no end with her competitive edges, but she was half-eaten to death by disgusted fans on her way to (briefly) capturing Ben Flajnik's heart.

She managed to hide away from the controversy while the 2012 season aired, refusing to watch the show and cozying up to her man. But now the oft-snarky hair-twirler is "working away on a fun project" which forces her to watch the show for the first time. As she put it, "oh boy! Research."

Yikes! You can see Courtney doing her research in this Instagram pic she shared on September 18. In the photo, she's watching fellow Season 16er Emily O'Brien on screen — a fan favorite who was Court’s #1 nemesis. In front of Lady Robertson are tabloids calling out the brunette model as a "Maneater,” saying Bachelor Ben was "Tricked!" Those were the days, right? Thank heaven they’re gone.

Courtney Robertson Watching Her Season For the First Time — Why?!
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Whatever project she's working on must involve how she was viewed as a Bachelor "villain.” Someone is shown taking notes, so this is some serious work they're putting into Bachelor analysis. They could've saved some time by just inviting us over for a full rundown!

You remember how ugly it got during that season, right? Ben was the public face of it, but his secret fiancée Courtney got tons of flack from afar. The Internet seethed at her, but Court didn't even watch the show to see how she was being edited. As she told Katie Couric back in June, “My sister would kind of recap each episode for me. I still haven’t seen it to this day.”

Now she's seeing it. It would be great to hear her thoughts on how she was portrayed — as in, what parts of her aired versus all the things she actually said and did that weren't shown or were given a different context. Assuming there were discrepancies, of course.

Ooh! She should work on this project with other "villains" like Vienna Girardi or Bad News Bentley (if anyone can find him). Then they can talk about it on Jason and Molly Mesnick's anything-goes podcast. We’d definitely tune in!

What do you think? Are you curious about Courtney’s project? You must be a little curious if you’re reading this. It’s OK to love to hate her — or even love to love her! We certainly think she’s tops.

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09.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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