American Horror Story: Coven — Episode 10 Recap, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”
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American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Coven — Episode 10 Recap, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

Following last week's heavy-handed shooting/civil rights montage, Marie LaVeau is ready for a truce with Fiona.

However, like all things in the world of witchcraft, Marie's safety comes at a hefty price. While she sleeps under the care of her former enemy at Miss Robichaux's, Marie is met by the horrifying voodoo spirit Papa Legba, who informs her that she owes him big time, and he's not talking about a free weave.

Marie, seemingly convinced by Papa's red eyes and throaty laughter, drags her groggy butt to the nearest hospital, where she forces her way into the nursery. Inside, she selects a particularly plump and juicy baby for her uninvited guest and, despite her bullet-wounded arm, carries the cute little chubster off into the night.

Back at the house, having stashed the baby away, Marie reveals to Cordelia and Fiona that they're not exactly terrific judges of character — as it turns out, Hank was a witch-hunter! Quelle surprise! Fiona, like the tyrannical flask she is, smacks her daughter across the face for good measure.

After Marie leaves the house, Fiona implores Misty to stop twirling for a second, promising to introduce her to a cool new witch who doesn't even mind the smell of swamp mud. In the living room waits Stevie Nicks, whose presence promptly makes Misty faint. Classic Misty — always twirling and fainting and resurrecting the dead! When she wakes up, Stevie performs "Rhiannon," because how on earth would you bring Stevie Nicks on a show about witches and have her do anything else? Having arrived back at the house for this display of retro shenanigans, Madison, questions Fiona about when she'll be getting her own performance. She'd like Eminem, she informs Fiona, because her brief stint as a dead girl reset her internal clock to 1999. Fiona laughs, having thought little of The Marshall Mathers LP, and tells Madison that it's never going to happen, because the swamp-witch is the real supreme.

Cordelia, Fiona, and the newly-returned Marie gather in the kitchen to discuss how they'll prevent future attacks from witch hunters. Sadly, nobody suggests not marrying any more of them. Instead, the two older witches settle upon casting a spell on Hank's father, effectively shutting down his company by cutting off their cash flow. Once the spell is complete, Fiona faints, because these women just can't get enough of falling over, like it's 1885 an their corsets are too tight.

At the hospital, Zoe and Nan arrive to visit their hot neighbor. However, despite her clairvoyance, Nan hasn't realized that Luke won't be there waiting for her, because, apparently, her visions only works when she's within a few feet of the people whose minds she's reading. Bum luck. The nurse informs them: Luke's kicked the bucket, bought the farm, or, more specifically, has been suffocated by his mom.

Back at Miss Robichaux's, Marie and Fiona are coming clean to one another like a pair of sorority sisters who just found out they've been dating the same guy, albeit with less hair-pulling. Curious about the source of the voodoo priestess' powers, Fiona gets Marie to confess how she attained them: by selling her soul and sacrificing her only child to the voodoo nightmare man in exchange for immortality, and, as an added bonus, an eternally hot bod and lineless face.

On the street, Madison and Misty are following a funeral parade after having an impromptu lunch of something beige and served on skewers. While Misty appears to be the only one naive enough to believe that their meeting is just a friendly chat, Madison convinces her fellow witch of her kindness, telling her of all the wonderful things she'll achieve as supreme, if she'll only ditch the hippie clothes. Pleased by her new friend's admiration, Misty follows her into a graveyard, because nothing bad ever happens in a field of decaying bodies, right. Wrong, little swamp-witch, so very wrong. Madison promptly hits her over the head with a brick and pushes her into an empty casket, leaving her to be buried.

Zoe and Nan, blissfully unaware of the child-sacrifice and murder plots being hatched around them, arrive at Joan's house, intent on finding out where Luke's body is housed so they can bring back their eye candy. The plan quickly starts to devolve when Joan reveals that she's had Luke cremated, at which point Nan reveals her knowledge of Luke's murder. Jeez, Nan. As Joan tries to usher the girls out of the house, Nan overpowers them with her magic, forcing Joan to endure a painful death by drinking cleaning chemicals — looks like someone's been watching Heathers!

Up in Fiona's room, the endlessly vain witch is trying to make a deal with the devil. She's summoned Marie's voodoo priest, offering him her soul in exchange for immortal life. She's soon met with the ultimate bummer upon finding out — whoops — she doesn't have one to give up. Undeterred, she reveals her plan B to the Axeman: she'll kill off all of her pretty little students to keep them from stealing her powers.

In the girls' room, Nan and Zoe hear the stolen baby crying. Being the only decent person in the whole group, Nan does what any sensible adult would do and rushes to the child's aid, only to find herself confronted by Marie and Fiona. The two older witches, suddenly overcome with affection for the newborn's itty bitty toesies and chubby cheeks, decide that the child must live. This, unfortunately, means that the two will have to find an innocent soul to sacrifice, posthaste. Deciding that, despite her penchant for murder, Nan is the closest thing they have to any sort of purity in their midst, the two witches drown Nan for the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Following the murder, and exhausted by her incredibly full day, Fiona reclines in the living room while Stevie plays her off into a drunken slumber.

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