American Horror Story: Coven Recap — Episode 12, “Go to Hell”
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American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Coven Recap — Episode 12, “Go to Hell”

At Miss Robichaux's, Fiona tells Queenie that she's the next supreme. Queenie, paranoid that Fiona is telling her this so that she can kill her, tells Fiona to get lost, advice the reigning supreme doesn't take kindly. Using her magic, she begins to choke Queenie and demands that the young witch perform the seven wonders for her within the week.

Upstairs in Queenie's room, she conjures Papa Legba, who shows her what hell will be like — it's a fried chicken stand in Detroit, and all of the customers are rude as hell. Once she's been safely transported back to her room, Legba reveals that Marie Laveau will be killed if Madame LaLaurie isn't stopped. Queenie heads to Delphine's former home, where the immortal jerk is hiding in plain sight as a tour guide at the house's museum. Delphine reveals that she has disabled the former tour guide with a blow to the head, a minor issues that Queenie advises her to set right. Delphine refuses, inciting Queenie's ire, which she demonstrates by acquainting her knife with the inner workings of Delphine's neck.

Back at the house, Fiona is embracing her inner Dorian Gray and having her portrait painted. Sadly, as things happen with the terminally ill, her power is fading, and no amount of portraiture is going to change that.

After Fiona retires to her room, Cordelia joins her mother to discuss her recent uglification. Fiona, aghast at her daughter's oozing, raw eyeballs, gives her the one thing that might ease the pain that comes with looking at her: a huge, tacky necklace.

With the gaudy bauble securely fastened around her neck, Cordelia's clairvoyance suddenly returns. Suddenly, she sees Fiona's devious plan: to murder everyone in the house to regain her power. Upon discovering what will soon come their way, Cordelia goes to the Axe Man and tells him the news.

Once again in an upstairs room in the house (but how did she get there? Mysteries abound), Cordelia is fondling some clothes. As is the result of any good clothes-rubbing, she suddenly realizes where Misty is. Cordelia goes to the cemetery to find her, and, with the help of Queenie, retrieves the swamp witch's body from the casket, where she's been taking a good, long nap.

Back in the kitchen of Miss Robichaux's, Myrtle is trying to tease answers about Missy's disappearance out from Madison, when, out of nowhere the door swings open. Is it minotaurs? Ghosts? Zombies? Dylan McDermott? No — it's Zoe and Kyle, and their Epcot adventure is O-V-E-R, thanks to Kyle's Of Mice and Men act. He can't control his inner Lenny, and Zoe just can't channel her inner George. As Zoe explains that she's returned to take her place as the next supreme, the door opens again — it's Misty and she's pissed. That coffin did nothing for her complexion and there wasn't a Fleetwood Mac album in the place. She beats Madison within an inch of her life (while expertly avoiding doing too much damage to her pretty face), much to the delight of Queenie, Zoe, and Cordelia, until Kyle breaks up their tussle. As soon as he does, the Axe Man appears from upstairs, brandishing his weapon, only to be struck down by the group of witches, who soon notice that he's been trailing blood. Cordelia touches the blood and realizes, much to her horror that it's her mother's.

Using her second sight, Cordelia replays the events that led to Fiona's death. Fiona had gone to the Axe Man's house and pushed his buttons just one too many times — the gin-soaked meanie told him she didn't love him and, being the predictable psychopath he is, he chopped her up and fed her to alligators. Pissed off that he took the one recreational activity that they were all looking forward to away from them, the girls release their frustration the best way they know how: by stabbing him to death.

Over in the dungeon at Madame LaLaurie's, Marie Laveau has locked up Delphine and her daughters and is having a grand ol' time torturing them when suddenly, she doesn't know where she is. She puts down the hot poker she was about to assault Delphine's daughter with, when, out of the darkness, Mr. Terror Voodoo man is back, telling her she's got to keep hurting others, unless she wants him to hurt her. Papa Legba tells Marie that it's either Delphine's daughter or her, so, despite her recent attack of conscience, she runs the hot poker through the terrified girl.

Back at the house, the girls are admiring Fiona's portrait. "So lifelike!" they coo. "That witch was flawless," they gush. As they're gazing up at their fallen anti-hero, Cordelia drops a bombshell on them: with Fiona gone, the girls are going to have to perform the seven wonders and figure out who the new supreme is, stat.

What did you think of this week's American Horror Story? Who will be the next supreme? Let us know in the comments section!

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