Crafty Dad Invents a Pneumatic Transport System For the Tooth Fairy (VIDEO)
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Crafty Dad Invents a Pneumatic Transport System For the Tooth Fairy (VIDEO)

Believing in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are very important for young kids. Well, if it’s not necessarily important, it’s definitely fun for the little tykes to have something to look forward to, and fun for the parents to keep the magic going! One inventive dad even decided to take his son’s belief in the Tooth Fairy to the next level by creating a pneumatic transport system for his sons’ teeth, and believe us when we say this will knock your socks off!

The system, invented by Jeff Highsmith for MAKE, is impressive, yet seemingly simple. Employing the power of PVC piping, rubber cement, an old iPhone, and a vacuum, Jeff created a system similar to drive-thru bank tubes for sending and receiving small items, such as loose teeth or, in the demo, LEGO men.

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Not only does Jeff effectively create a pneumatic system for transporting teeth, he also created an app to go along with it, complete with a fun animation of the tooth being shipped off to the Tooth Fairy’s tree house, being “inspected for proper dental hygiene,” and a special “treat” being sent back.

As soon as we saw this, we kinda felt sad that the little boy won’t grow up with the excitement of waking up to a shiny new quarter under his pillow in place of his tooth, but then we thought about having the memory of seeing his tooth shipped straight to her tree house — mega cool!

Source: MAKE

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09.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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