Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Kim Kardashian’s New Baby!
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Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Kim Kardashian’s New Baby!

Reality fans and writers alike were caught off guard when Kim Kardashian went into labor on June 15, because from what we knew, the mama-to-be wasn’t expecting her baby until July! But evidently Baby Kimye couldn’t wait any longer, and Kim gave birth to her little girl five weeks early, with daddy Kanye West by her side.

Babies are notoriously unpredictable and early arrivals happen all the time, but that didn’t stop the Internet from exploding with crazy stories about the early arrival! When Celebitchy posted a story saying that Kim had given birth, the comments started filling up with bizarre theories about what was really going on here.

Here are some of our favorites:

Kim didn’t want her baby to be competing with Kate Middleton’s July baby for media coverage, so she was induced early.

Kim persuaded her doctor to induce labor so Baby Kimye would be born in time for Father’s Day.

Kim scheduled an early delivery because the last few weeks of pregnancy do the most damage to your body, and make it much harder to get your figure back.

Kim lied about her due date because she was embarrassed by how early in her relationship with Kanye she got pregnant.

Of course, there was a rumor ages ago that Kim was lying about her due date, which was really in mid-June and not July. But seeing that Kim’s baby was born weighing under five pounds (and Kim would never risk her baby by inducing labor on purpose) this seems like a legit early delivery to us. But let the bizarro rumors continue! Nothing spices up a Monday like a dose of crazy.

Source: Celebitchy