Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Ali Doesn’t Trust Aria or Spencer
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Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Ali Doesn’t Trust Aria or Spencer

In Rosewood, there's no such thing as twist that's too out there; sometimes we think theories are too crazy to be right, only to be blown away when they actually happen on the show. That's why we like to dive into the world of fantastic Pretty Little Liars fan theories every week to bring you concepts that are outside the box, but are just so interesting, they might even be right!

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode revealed that Ali is alive, and since then we've been kind of obsessed with analyzing exactly what all of her visits to the Liars mean. Well, some fans on Tumblr noticed a pattern that is very interesting.

This Tumblr user sums it up quite well. Basically, it's all about Ali's attitude when she visits the different girls.

Her visit to Hanna was in the hospital. She didn't give Hanna any answers, but she did express deep worry over her friend, who'd been hospitalized by "A", claiming that she had to risk the danger to come see her. Then there was Emily, who she may have saved from dying in the barn. Again, she expressed worry, and talked about how much she missed Emily, even saying she was her "favorite."

Spencer and Aria, on the other hand, were different.

The first time she came to see Spencer, she was trying to take something from her bag while Spencer was asleep; Spence only saw her because she woke up. The second time Spencer saw her, it was when Spencer walked in on her. Likewise, with Aria, she seemed to be sneaking around the room, and only started talking to Aria when she woke up.

Is this connected to Grunwald saying Ali wasn't sure if she could trust the Liars? Is it linked to Spencer's big secret? Aria's relationship with Ezra?

What do you think of this theory — is it possible Alison doesn't trust Spencer and/or Aria?? Do you like the idea, or is it too wacky? Sound off in the comments below!

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