Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Ezra Is Helping Ali
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Ezra Is Helping Ali

There's no such thing as a theory too crazy for Pretty Little Liars, especially now that we know Ezra might be involved with the "A" team. Rosewood is overflowing with questions that need answers, and the show's fans are always ready to step up to the challenge and propose theory after twisted theory about what's really going down in TV's most mysterious town.

Each week, we like to highlight an out-there fan theory that's just so crazy it might be true. This week, let's talk about the idea that Ezra might not be "A" after all — because he's actually helping Ali.

This Tumblr fan suggests the theory that Ezra is actually Ali's helper, watching over the girls for her, while a different person who is "A" attacks them.

We actually like this theory a lot. Here are some reasons it could work.

It would explain Ezra's anger. The Liars assume the lair they stumbled into was "A"'s, but what if it was really Ali (who is probably Red Coat) and Ezra's place? After all, if they are potentially trying to protect the girls, they'd need to keep close track of them, and Ezra would probably be pissed they found his hideout.

Alternatively, maybe it is "A"'s lair, and Ezra is upset because he missed the girls and now they're in danger.

It would give Ezra interesting backstory...without making him totally evil. If Ezra has been spying on the girls for Ali (potentially because he once had an affair with her?), it would certainly complicate his character and would explain a lot of the things that made him seem suspicious, without making him a total baddie. His love for Aria could be genuine. Heck, it's even possible that he was only recruited to Ali's team after he fell for her, as a way to protect her.

What do you think of this theory — completely crazy, or potentially true? Do you like the idea, or is it too wacky? Sound off in the comments below!

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