Pretty Little Liars Twist — Ezra’s Writing a True Crime Book About Ali!
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Pretty Little Liars Twist — Ezra’s Writing a True Crime Book About Ali!

UPDATE: Looks like this crazy theory wasn't so crazy after all! During February 18’s Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 20: “Free Fall,” we learned that Ezra was, in fact, writing a book about Ali after all. (Well, that's what he claims to Aria at least. To be honest, we really weren't so sure at first that we believed him!)

Then Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King spoke up, and she confirmed it. "Ezra is not A," she tells E! News, "but he is a pretty little liar." She reveals that the 'Ezra Fitz, true crime novelist' idea had been floating around in the writers minds for a while. So there you have it. Confirmed.

Original article: Distressed Ezra (Ian Harding) fans have been spending the Season 4 winter season trying to come up with an explanation for his sketchy behavior other than the obvious that he's "A". Every week, we like to explore the world of fan theories that are so crazy they might just be right, and this week we're going to talk about one of the ideas about Ezra that we keep seeing pop up: That he could be writing a book about Ali, and maybe even "A" and everything that's going on.

Ezra fans and particularly Ezria shippers want to believe that he's not stalking the Liars out of malice. Could he actually be following them because Alison's tale is too good for this wannabe writer to pass up?

Here are some of the reasons this theory intrigues us:

The promo for Episode 20: In the promo for Episode 20 there is a shot of Aria reading a piece of writing about Alison that appears to say "everything Alison ever told me about herself was a lie." Many fans suspect this is something Ezra wrote. If so, it lends credence to this theory. After all, if this was just a journal entry or Ezra's private thoughts not meant for anyone else, why would it be printed out, with notes written on it? (Of course, it's also possible this is something Aria herself wrote...)

There is a lot of emphasis put on Ezra as a writer. Obviously, writing is something that brought Ezra and Aria together, but is that the only reason the show has put so much focus on Ezra's writerly ambitions?

It would explain why Ezria fans can still have hope. Showrunner Marlene King continues to tease hope for Ezria, which seems hard to swallow if he's really evil. While we think invading the Liars' privacy for the sake of a book would also be pretty darned bad, it's possible that Aria could forgive Ezra for that.

What do you think of this theory — is it possible, or totally crazy? Sound off in the comments below.

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