Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: “A” Isn’t the Only One Torturing the Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: “A” Isn’t the Only One Torturing the Liars

Pretty Little Liars is always throwing crazy twists at us, so fans have to be extra creative to stay ahead of the writers and try to predict what will come next. Fortunately, the Pretty Little Liars fandom is more than up to the challenge; there are always a million creative theories out there to think about.

Every Friday, we like to pluck an extreme Pretty Little Liars fan theory out of the wilds of Tumblr to examine. After all, you never know what might turn out to be right!

This week, we want to touch on the theory that "A" isn't the only one after the Liarsand that, more specifically, the second person is trying to get vengeance for whoever was buried in Ali's grave.

As this Tumblr user cleverly points out, in Season 4, Episode 32 ("Unbridled"), Spencer received two scary messages meant to make her think she buried someone that night. Obviously we're supposed to think that "A" was messing with her, and that's possible. That said, those messages a) were written in first person ("You know me, Spencer," "What will you do when the rest of me comes out of that grave?") which isn't so much "A"'s style and b) weren't signed, as most of "A"'s messages are.

Clever observation, right? We're not sure if it actually means anything, but it's fun to think about!

What do you think of this theory — is it possible, or totally crazy? Sound off in the comments below.

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04.25.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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