Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Is Marion Cavanough the One In Ali’s Grave?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Is Marion Cavanough the One In Ali’s Grave?

Pretty Little Liars is constantly re-setting the bar for how crazy things can get, and at this point we think there's no plot twist too impossible for Rosewood. And as creative as the writers are, the fans can always keep up, creating theory after theory, each more elaborate than the next, while trying to predict where the story is headed.

Each week, we like to highlight an awesome, out-of-the box fan theory plucked from the wilds of Tumblr, because on this show, no speculation is too out there to be considered. This week, we're going to talk about the theory that Toby's mother, Marion Cavanough, is actually the one buried in the grave that is supposed to be Ali's.

Obviously, this theory is working off the assumption that Ali is really still alive and running around town which, at this point, seems more likely than not. If Ali is still alive, obviously someone else must have been buried in her place. Could it be Toby's dearly departed mother, as this Tumblr user suggests?

Given the amount of emphasis the writers placed on Marion in the first half of Season 4, it's certainly not a completely crazy concept. Sure, she's supposedly buried elsewhere, but with all the mystery surrounding her death, there's really no guarantee that anything Toby thinks about his mother's fate is true.

Now, we're not convinced the timeline makes sense for this theory, as Toby's mom died well before Ali's disappearance. But given the depth of corruption running rampant in Rosewood, it's possible a lot of the info on the autopsy was faked.

What do you think of this theory — completely crazy, or potentially true? Do you like the idea, or is it too wacky? Sound off in the comments below!

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