Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Maya Is Red Coat!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Maya Is Red Coat!

With all its twists, turns, and mysteries, Pretty Little Liars not only encourages but practically requires intense, creative thinking from its fans. If you're not digging into every clue and approaching each mystery from every possible angle, you miss out on half the fun.

With so much speculation bouncing around the internet each week, there are always a thousand interesting theories to read about. Some are fairly straightforward and seem pretty likely, while others are way more outside the box — and even cooler for it. These are the ideas that seem a little too crazy to actually be right, but that doesn't mean we don't love them. Plus, in Rosewood, nothing is totally off the table.

Each week, Wetpaint will be highlighting a different fascinating fan theory that sheds new light on the show. This week let's talk about the idea that Red Coat could be none other than Emily's maybe not-so-dead love, Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson).

Huh? You ask. Where is that coming from? Well, once you start digging into the evidence, this theory doesn't seem quite so impossible as it does on first glance.

Is Maya really dead? Sure, Maya's death seemed pretty definitive, but showrunner Marlene King has hinted multiple times that "anything is possible in Rosewood" when asked if Maya is truly gone for good. If Maya somehow is alive, why wouldn't she let Em know? The answer

could be that she's hiding out as Red Coat...

A faked death does make some sense... One of the (many) reasons many fans think Alison is Red Coat is that, because she's presumed dead, she'd definitely have the time to pull off all the crazy schemes, and she has a good reason to stay hidden. Well, Ali isn't the only person that could apply to...

There are a lot of unanswered questions about Maya. Maya's storyline wasn't exactly wrapped up with a neat little bow. It's still unclear exactly what "Maya Knew," and the idea that her murder was completely unrelated to the core mysteries of the show never sat right with some fans. This girl lived in Ali's house. It's actually hard to believe she didn't discover something important there. It's possible that she knew much more than she was letting on, and perhaps became Red Coat because of what she learned.

She's associated with red. Let's not forget that the scarf Maya gave Em way back in Season 1 was red. On this show, a detail like that could be the key to everything.

Plus, Maya has been an important character since the beginning of the show, which is a point in her favor. And, given her feelings for Em, she'd have a good reason to save the Liars from the lodge fire...

What do you think of this theory: Totally crazy, or potentially true? Would you like to see Maya come back from the dead, or would you rather leave her in the grave? Sound off in the comments below.

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