Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Spencer DIDN’T Hurt Ali — But Her Family Thinks She Did
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Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: Spencer DIDN’T Hurt Ali — But Her Family Thinks She Did

With the revelation that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has a history of prescription pill abuse that led to a lapse in memory right around the time Ali disappeared, a lot of Pretty Little Liars are suspecting that Spencer hurt her best frenemy the night Ali went missing. But what if the answer is a bit more complex than that?

Every week, we like to explore the world of fan theories that are so crazy they might just be right (in fact, some of them have been in the past!), and this week we want to talk about a theory that make a lot of sense to us: That Spencer didn't try to kill Ali that night, but her family thinks she did.

It certainly does seem like the Hastings think they have something to hide beyond just the fact that their daughter got hooked on pills. Remember that time Peter Hastings burnt the hockey stick Toby found buried on the Hastings property? Or the way Melissa insists she's been "protecting" Spencer the whole time? We've always thought there was something going on with the Hastings family, and this could be it. Plus, you know the Hastings would rather cover up (attempted) murder than admit someone in their picture-perfect family cracked.

Of course, this could all be true if Spencer did do it, but at this point, so many signs are pointing to Spencer being guilty of something that night that we're wondering if the real twist will be that she's not guilty. That would certainly provide fodder for even more twisted Hastings family drama, which is always fun.

What do you think of this theory — is it possible, or totally crazy? Sound off in the comments below.

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