Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: It’s Wilden’s Lair, Not Ezra’s!
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Pretty Little Liars Crazy Fan Theory: It’s Wilden’s Lair, Not Ezra’s!

Pretty Little Liars is all about turning our expectations on their heads, and fans are never ready to take what the show tells us at face value. That's what makes the Pretty Little Liars fandom so great — fans question everything, and come up with the coolest theories about what's really going down in Rosewood and beyond.

Each week, we like to highlight an awesome, out-of-the box fan theory plucked from the wilds of Tumblr, because on this show, no speculation is too out there to be considered. This week, we're going to talk about an idea we've seen bouncing around ever since the Season 4 summer finale introduced us to "A"'s little shop of spying: That the lair isn't "A"'s at all — it's Wilden's!

Hmmm, you may say to yourself. Why would someone think that? Well, this Tumblr user lays out the basic points well. The lair definitely did feel a bit like a detective's workshop, with timelines laid out on what may as well have been police boards, and surveillance equipment that could have come from the government.

And really, the idea of Wilden having a room dedicated to tracking the Liars and Ali doesn't seem out of character at all. The man was obsessed, in a way that clearly went beyond the regular duties of a detective, and we know he had a history with Ali. Plus, he wore suits, so that could explain the closet.

The question is, if this theory did turn out to be true, what would it mean about Ezra? The possibilities are endless. Maybe he is "A", and he's pissed to discover what Wilden was up to. Maybe he and Wilden were working together. Or maybe things are even more complicated than that...

What do you think of this theory — completely crazy, or potentially true? Do you like the idea, or do you think the lair is definitely "A"'s? Sound off in the comments below!

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