Crazy Theories About Kim Kardashian’s Pricy Baby Pics Of North West!
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Crazy Theories About Kim Kardashian’s Pricy Baby Pics Of North West!

The Great Kim Kardashian Baby Picture Scandal of 2013 just keeps getting better! After TMZ ran with the story that Kim had leaked fake pics of her brand new baby daughter North West to friends to see who would betray her, the site’s team had a field day, and we do not blame them one bit.

First, they drop the fact that these baby pictures (of the real North West, natch) could sell for $2 million, at the very least. At the very least! No wonder she’s being “a paranoid maniac!”

(At least that’s what they would sell for if North’s daddy Kanye West was willing to sell them, that is, which rumor has it he is decidedly not.)

But this story just keeps getting better! Where there is a crazy story there are crazy theories around it, and the folks at TMZ had them in spades. What if those baby pictures really were of North West, and Kim is just faking everybody out! Ever heard of “Kremlin psychology”? Nope, us neither. Here’s one of the TMZ theories:

“What if it’s the real baby and she’s now creating this subterfuge that it’s not the real baby because she wants to sell the pictures of the real baby and then when she sells the picture of the real baby and then we compare it to this baby, nobody will ever know that this baby is this baby?”

It’s just too good! So Kim is an evil mastermind, faking out the reality TV loving public with her mind games!? Maybe. Or, as another TMZ staffer posited, she’s just covering her tracks after making the goober mistake of texting a baby pic worth $2 million to a bunch of people.

Will we ever know the truth?! Not until we meet the real North! Maybe July 15 is our answer after all.

Source: TMZ

06.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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