Four Creative Chore Charts You and Your Kids Will Love
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Four Creative Chore Charts You and Your Kids Will Love

Chores. Just the word makes us cringe. If Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t want to do them, we sure as heck don’t, and our kids are likely going to groan when they’re assigned their tasks. It’s a rite of passage, but the least you can do is try to make them look fun by creating a unique and creative chore board and/or list. Of course, Pinterest has loads of ideas that range from a simple Microsoft Word print-out to the full height of Martha Stewart-ness. We shared four of our faves below:

1. Use an old cookie sheet. This one is definitely high on the Martha Stewart scale, but it sure is cute. While the woman who posted this on Pinterest didn’t include directions, we’re gathering she used an old cookie sheet. You can likely find all you need at Michael’s, including the cutout letters to spell your kids’ names. She created magnets with each of the chores on them and, once they are done, the child can feel a sense of accomplishment by moving the magnet down to the “Done” portion of the sheet. Cute!

2. Chore chart (great for toddlers): As we moms of toddlers know, just getting them out of the house and to preschool on time can be a major feat. One Orange County, California, mom created this chart, which includes things like eating breakfast, getting dressed, and putting on shoes. Sure, they might sound easy but, with a distracted two or three-year-old, it can sometimes feel like you’re given birth again getting these done. She uses a reward system, giving her child a small treat at the end of each week that she completes the chore each day. This mother created magnets for the chart, but you can just as easily print out the downloadable document and write on it.

3. Add chores to clothespins!: Kids are visual creatures, so this is another great one that they will love. The mom from the blog Home Made Modern created these personalized door knob hangers and then created clothespins (do people still use those?) with a chore written on each of them. She doesn’t exactly say how you show that the chore is done but we’re guessing the child just attaches the clothespin to the hanger each time she finished the task. Again, this mom uses a reward system, giving her kids $3 a week for each week they complete their chores. She encourages them to save $2 of the $3, which is also a great lesson about saving money. She hangs the chore chart hanger on a hook next to the kid's coats, so they can’t miss them as they are leaving the house.

4. Instagram chore chart: If this were a ski run, this would be double black diamond. While it has a high level of difficulty, it’s also too cute for words. And there are detailed instructions on how to craft the image of each of your children and put the framed pic next to magnets containing each of the chores. Kids will feel that sense of achievement as they move their chore magnet over from the “to do” column to “done”.

Do you have a chore chart that you have found effective and, at the same time, creative? Please share below!

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