Pretty Little Liars Creeper Ranking: A Guide to the Sketchy Men of Rosewood
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Creeper Ranking: A Guide to the Sketchy Men of Rosewood

There must be something in the water in Rosewood, because it seems like almost every adult male on the show is a total creeper. With only a literal handful of exceptions, all of the grown men have hit on or threatened at least one Liar, despite the fact that they are underage. At this point, it's pretty safe to assume that any new guy we meet is going to be iffy at best.

In honor of the latest revealed skeezeball — looking at you, Zack — we've rounded up all of the notable men over the age of 18 on the show, and ranked them from least to most sketchy, based on what we know about them. Enjoy!

The Few, The Proud, the Good Guys

Mr. Fields. The one truly likeable father figure on the show, Emily's (Shay Mitchell) dad not only didn't cheat on her mom or threaten his family, but he's actually been amazing and supportive of Emily no matter what's going on with her. Four for you, Mr. Fields! You go, Mr. Fields! Sketch Factor: 0/10

Pastor Ted. Pastor Ted seems like a truly nice guy who really cares about Ashley. That probably means he's a murderer. Sketch Factor: 1/10

Eddie Lamb. Eddie has some secrets, but we're pretty sure that he's a good guy who has just found himself in a dangerous situation. Plus, he's always been nice but appropriate when talking to the Liars. We miss you already, Eddie. Sketch Factor: 2/10

Detective Holbrook. Yes, there was that time he got a little too buddy-buddy with Hanna and then she kissed him, but he shut that down pretty quick, and otherwise seems like an actual professional. Sketch Factor: 2/10.

Well, At Least They Aren't Trying to Mack on Girls Who Are WAY Too Young for Them

Mr. Marin. Tom Marin is a pretty bad dad and an even worse husband, but his love interests are age appropriate, and we don't think he's involved with any of the mysteries around town. Arguably a bad person, which is why we couldn't bring ourselves to put him in the last category, but not a very sketchy one. Sketch Factor: 2/10.

Mr. Montgomery. Byron is a cheater who hooked up with one of his students, but hey, at least she was college-aged! Sketch Factor: 3/10.

Garrett Reynolds. Garrett was part of the NAT club. Spying on people? Autosketch. He also dated Jenna, though she's such a force to be reckoned with that we're not sure she was the one being taken advantage of in that situation. Sketch Factor: 5/10.

Jason DiLaurentis. We love us some Jason, but he definitely has major marks against him. First off, being part of the NAT club is a major no-no. Plus, he did try to hook up with Aria. He's not that much older than her, though, and they did grow up knowing each other, so he isn't as bad as some of the other guys on the list. You know, unless he turns out to be "A". Sketch Factor: 5/10.

Mr. Hastings. Spencer's dad doesn't hit on young girls! On the other hand he does routinely threaten his own daughter, and may or may not be involved with a murder, or at least the cover-up of one. So there's that. Sketch Factor: 6/10.

Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices

Zack. Oh, Muffin Man. You seemed so nice until you decided to try to cheat on your fiancée with her daughter's underaged friend. Not to mention that the way he hit on Hanna, even if they were both single and age appropriate, was totally bad news bears. She was clearly giving off "do not want" vibes that he ignored, and who just slips into someone's car unannounced? Not OK, dude. Sketch Factor: 7/10.

Wren Kingston. Wren cheated on his fiancée with her little sister (who is way too young for him). And he also had a thing with Hanna. And he seems to be involved with the cover-up at Radley, and maybe even the "A" game. If it weren't for that charming accent, we'd totally hate him. Sketch Factor: 8/10.

Detective Wilden. A corrupt cop who blackmailed Ashley Marin into sex, routinely intimidated the Liars, and may or may not have had an affair with Alison, Wilden is one of the worst of the worst. Sketch Factor: 10/10.

Ezra Fitz. Sorry Ezra fans, but it needs to be said: He intentionally targeted Aria, his student-to-be, knowing she was underage, and then stalked her and her friends for info, all so he could write a book. That is straight up insane. Sketch Factor: 10/10.

Ian Thomas. Ian was a cheater who macked on his girlfriend's lil' sis and her friend, was a member of the NAT club, and tried to kill (at least) Spencer. He just oozed terrible everywhere he went. The. Worst. Sketch Factor: 11/10.

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