Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Is “Creepy” and a “Misogynist,” Says Which Celebrity?

You can’t please all the people all the time, as Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis has presumably learned. And while the general hatred toward him has subsided somewhat since his contentious finale, one TV star is continuing to let him have it for not telling Nikki Ferrell he loved her. Word of warning to Juan Pabs: You might not want to keep reading this.

After the March finale, a certain celeb took to Twitter to slam Juan Pablo and we mean slam him. “I HATE THIS A******!!!” the mystery celeb tweeted. “He is a jerk!!!! STRAIGHT UP!!" The celeb continued, “he's says ‘I'm honest’ like a broken record.. which means he's a colossal liar," followed by "I wish [Nikki] had spit in his face...." Yowza.

So what made this unnamed star get so upset at El Bachelor? The star explained her remarks on Entertainment Tonight this week. “Because he's a misogynist he's just... he was just so... creepy,” she said. “He doesn't love her in any way, apparently.” There you go. Apparently, some feelings just don’t fade away after a month.

But the big question is, who is this celeb? Well, she is an actress who has not only starred on four different sitcoms including one of the most beloved shows of the ‘80s but also starred in a comedy film trilogy that was hugely popular in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. And she has competed on two season of Dancing With the Stars. Yep, Juan Pablo’s foe is quite famous.

Have you figured it out yet? Place your bets, and then click over to see if you’re right!