Grey’s Anatomy Crew Member Sues ABC/Disney, Cites Gender Discrimination
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Grey’s Anatomy Crew Member Sues ABC/Disney, Cites Gender Discrimination

The people behind Grey’s Anatomy are usually getting praised for paving the way for diversity and equality between the sexes on set, but it sounds like the tables have turned. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a former crew member is suing ABC for discriminating against females in the workplace.

Timothy Day, who served as a best boy grip (in English: assistant to a cameraman) on Grey’s for ten years, filed a lawsuit Friday stating that director of photography Herb Davis subjected female directors to “verbal abuse and inferior terms and conditions of employment” — and Timothy says he was fired for speaking up.

An alleged victim of Herb’s abuse includes director Debbie Allen, whom we also know as Catherine Avery. According to Timothy, Debbie and fellow female directors Susan Vaill and Allison Liddi Brown had also lodged complaints against Herb. He also says that Herb was known for calling women on set “idiots” and “knuckleheads,” and would regularly “go out of his way to humiliate them by questioning their competence and making sexist jokes about them.” That sounds like a nightmare! We’re really surprised to hear this coming out of the Grey’s Anatomy crew, especially since the cast (and much of the high-ranking crew) is female-driven. We wonder if creator Shonda Rhimes knew that this was going on. We have a feeling that if she had, it wouldn’t have been an issue for long.

Timothy’s suing for his lost income due to unrightfully losing his job and damages for emotional and mental pain he suffered because of what was going on around the set.

Do you think Timothy’s telling the truth, or is he just a disgruntled former employee? Let us know what you think below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

05.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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