Crippled Lion Gets Its Teeth Cleaned By Motherly Dachshund (VIDEO)
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Crippled Lion Gets Its Teeth Cleaned By Motherly Dachshund (VIDEO)

Big cat meets little dog, and instead of snapping up the mini morsel, the lion allows the pup to clean his teeth. If that isn’t the epitome of awkward Mother Nature, then I have totally lost my marbles.

According to the UK’s Daily Record, the G.W Exotic Animal Park lion — named Bonedigger, by the way — has been friends with this little sausage on legs named Milo for the past five years, and this is just a routine display of Milo’s care for the cat who has been mildly crippled by a metabolic bone disease.

And Milo isn’t alone. The park employs a whole pack of weeny dogs that have befriended animals other than Bonedigger. The group of animals cuddle, play, and even feast on raw meat together. How… cute!

Source: YouTube, Daily Record

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05.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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