Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Is Cristina Being Wooed to Leave For Austria?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Is Cristina Being Wooed to Leave For Austria?

We think we know how Cristina (Sandra Oh) might be saying goodbye to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on Grey's Anatomy, thanks to casting sides recently posted to Television Without Pity — casting sides being cryptic scene synopses that casting agents use to audition actors without giving away spoilers.

Only, we feel pretty certain that "Dr. Hansen" is code for Cristina in these notes for Season 10, Episode 18 — which is set to film next week.

"A man in a suit [named Gerjardt Strauss] is coming down the hall wearing a badge, and Dr. Hansen uncharacteristically starstruck," the casting side reads. "He has a thick Austrian accent and an enormous amount of gravitas."

"He says its a pleasure to meet Dr. Hansen; she says the honor is all hers," it continues. "He's intrigued. The project was the talk of the [European Union] Cardio-thoracic Conference — mostly people wondering if it was a serious effort or a PR stunt by the hospital."

See what we mean? Which other of our favorite fake doctors are cardio-thoracic surgeons?

"Dr. Hansen starts to tell him that after the presentation he'll be confident. He says there's no doubt Dr. Hansen will charm and dazzle but he hopes its not a big… 'What's that phrase you use?' Dr. Hansen says, 'Hype?' No. 'Flash over substance?' 'No — a complete waste of my time'"

Yikes! This Gerjardt fella seems like a tough guy to to impress — but we might be a little crotchety, too, if we just got off a flight from Vienna to Seattle!

Anyway, we know Cristina is gonna be the surgical rockstar that she is and blow this guy away, which has us thinking that he might make her a European offer she can't refuse.

What do you think? Is this the endgame for Cristina's storyline? Let us know below!

Source: Television Without Pity

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