Grey’s Anatomy: Cristina and Burke’s Life-Changing “Willy Wonka” Convo — Read the Script!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Cristina and Burke’s Life-Changing “Willy Wonka” Convo — Read the Script!

Of all the hundreds of conversations of Grey's Anatomy Season 10, few were more dynamic, emotional, and pivotal as the last one we witnessed between Burke (Isaiah Washington) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) — in Season 10, Episode 22: "We Are Never Getting Back Together" — as both doctors grapple with their past feelings for one another, their current lives, and their futures.

Now that we've seen it play out on screen, Entertainment Weekly is offering a look into that crucial moment as it existed on page — as part of its Emmy Watch franchise. (Here's hoping Sandra finally gets a golden statue come August 25!)

Check out the script here!

And who better to have scripted the landmark moment between Burke and Cristina than the same woman who wrote the Season 3 finale and broke them up? That'd be Joan Rater, who served as showrunner for Seasons 7 through 10 with husband Tony Phelan.

"Us working together would… it would destroy my marriage, my life," Burke says in the scene. "The way I loved you was consuming. Eventually, you'd hold the carrot, and I'd be chasing you … I don't want you for work for me. I want you to take over for me."

By the end, both the wounded exes finally get closure, and Cristina walks away with the keys to Burke's bleeding-edge institute in Switzerland — like, as Cristina observes, he's Willy Wonka and the institute is his chocolate factory.

Interestingly, both Sandra and Isaiah stuck pretty close to the script, only changing a word here or there. Not a surprise. If we had dialogue as compelling as this as actors, we wouldn't change a thing.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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