Cristina and Owen Are Back Together on Grey’s Anatomy: Awesome or Terrible Idea?
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Grey's Anatomy

Cristina and Owen Are Back Together on Grey’s Anatomy: Awesome or Terrible Idea?

As we saw on Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 14: "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," Cristina (Sandra Oh) just can't quit Owen (Kevin McKidd) no matter how divorced they are — and vica versa. And if you thought this ex-couple's alcohol-fused hookup was a one time thing, you thought wrong.

According to Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh we can expect to see Owen and Cristina together again in the wake of their reconnection. No, they won't be settling into domestic bliss or couplehood, but they will be flaunting the new no-fraternization rule, if you catch our drift.

Is this good news? We can't decide. On one hand, we've always loved Owen and Cristina, and their chemistry is still undeniable. We like the idea of the pair entering a relaxed, friendly partnership that lets them have some fun, sexy times without the pressure of marriage and mismatched expectations.

On the other hand — haven't we been down this road before? As hard as it is, there's a reason Owen and Cristina aren't together anymore, and there's no way either can move on from the other if they're still "together," even with "together" being defined loosely. Sure, it'll be fun in the moment, but is it really the right path for either of them in the long run? Especially since we know Cristina is leaving at the end of the season...

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