Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd Talks Cristina and Owen’s “Badass” End on Grey’s Anatomy (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd Talks Cristina and Owen’s “Badass” End on Grey’s Anatomy (VIDEO)

We’ve spent the majority of Grey’s Anatomy’s tenth season pretending that, when it ends, Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) is leaving us forever… but unfortunately, that’s simply not reality. Cristina’s days are numbered at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, and the only goodbye we’re dreading more than our goodbye to her? Owen’s.

So how can Cristina finally close the book on Crowen when she makes her big exit? It’s a sensitive topic for us, but it’s one Sandra and Kevin McKidd (Owen) have a few ideas about.

“In my fantasy, I’ll tell ya, in my heart of hearts, but that would mean you would have to change your contract,” Sandra said to Kevin (and Yahoo TV).

“They’re going to go off and do some badass thing in India or somewhere, create a new hospital,” Kevin added. “Malaria. Cure Malaria in Africa.”

“We’re going to go do surgery around the world,” Sandra offered.

Yeah, we were kind of toying with the idea of Cristina taking Owen with her when he leaves — how else would Crowen ever have a happy ending? But we’re not ready to let go of him just yet, and Owen seems to have a good thing going with Emma (Marguerite Moreau) anyway.

One thing’s for sure, though: Kevin will not be directing Sandra’s final episode. When Kevin directs, they “write him light” in the script, and Sandra and Kevin both agree that Cristina’s final moments should include a lot of Owen.

“I wouldn’t want you to direct it because I would want the episode to be a lot about us,” Sandra said. “That’s really too hard.”

How do you think Cristina and Owen should say goodbye? Let us know below!

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