Grey’s Anatomy: Cristina and Owen Are “Definitely Back Together,” But Not a Couple
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Cristina and Owen Are “Definitely Back Together,” But Not a Couple

Some ships just refuse to sink, as we saw in the March 6 episode of Grey's AnatomySeason 10, Episode 14: "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" — during which Cristina and Owen reconnected, talked window treatments, seemed to remember that they are destined to be together in some capacity, and ravenously hooked up.

Now, actors Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are deconstructing this new Crowen phase in an interview with TV Guide.

Sandra says that the two doctors' relationship is "deeper" and "more friendship-bound" now.

"Not friendship like it's not sexy, because it is," she explains. "But at a certain point you've been through a bunch of things together, so there's a depth to it that I hope comes across."

"They start being playful with each other," Kevin elaborates. "Out of that playfulness, they enter this new phase of their relationship, which is playful and joyful. In a more relaxed way, they're not a couple again, but they're definitely back together."

Plus, the two star-crossed surgeons are free to explore their reconnection now that Owen has broken off his relationship with Emma. "So sad," Sandra says, smirking. "It's terrible when you realize, 'I'm jealous of my TV husband, who is not even my TV husband anymore.'"

Of course, there is that pesky no-fraternization rule in effect at Grey Sloan Memorial, but Sandra assures us that Crowen won't exactly respect the law.

We are so ready for our next dose of this new, sexy un-relationship with Season 10, Episode 15 — "Throwing It All Away" — airing this Thursday, March 13.

Source: TV Guide

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