Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers for Cristina’s Final Season — What Happens With Owen?
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Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers for Cristina’s Final Season — What Happens With Owen?

Now that we know Season 10 will be Cristina Yang's (Sandra Oh) final season of Grey’s Anatomy, we’re dying to find out how Cristina’s love story with Owen (Kevin McKidd) will come to an end. The couple broke up in Grey’s Season 9 finale, and according to Kevin — this tumultuous relationship won’t be mending itself anytime soon.

“They're going to be in a place of not togetherness for a while,” Kevin tells Huffington Post.

But don’t despair too much. It definitely seems like chemistry between these two won’t be gone entirely. “Does that mean that they're not going to be attracted to each other and end up doing stupid things together? Probably not,” he says.

Ultimately, though, Owen will be driven by his desire to have a child, and that is something Cristina still isn’t on board for. “It's tricky. He wants a baby, and he then decided that he didn't want a baby because he loved her more than that, but she's made this unilateral decision — again — to go, "Well, I know you better than you know yourself, and I know you need a baby." And she's probably right, but it's one of those things where, you know, does somebody else get to tell you how to live? Maybe he's happy with that decision. So they're going to wrestle with that.”

So is there any hope for Owen and Cristina? Yes. Kevin says that the two are “always going to be connected.” However, he fully admits that their dynamic is complicated. “But Owen is definitely going to explore what it means to have a baby and start making moves towards that, later in the season I think. She's going to encourage him to do that, even though she doesn't want him to do that. It's a push and a pull with them, always.”

Source: Huffington Post