CrossFit For Kids Launches In New York: Would Your Child Join?
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CrossFit For Kids Launches In New York: Would Your Child Join?

CrossFit has become so popular that those who don’t do it are pretty sure it’s actually a cult, and the craze has now gone to a new (shorter) level: children. According to DNAinfo New York, the Hunters Point gym, CrossFit Gantry, on Long Island has begun offering classes to kids as young as three years old. While the program is one that focuses on strength, conditioning, and a varied routine, kids won’t be lifting any weights.

"Children develop and grow stronger by doing no weight and lots of repetition," said certified CrossFit Kids coach Michele Kelber. "They don't do anything with a barbell." As Kelber explains, their growing bodies have enough to deal with without adding weights, so the classes will be more kid-centric. They will incorporate counting, colors, and link imagination with movement.

These kids will be doing things like bear crawls, crab walks, and squats while pretending to be angry gorillas and building castles out of fitness mats. The classes have some individual elements but will also have a lot of group focus, which helps them to develop a sense of community and team-building, all while boosting their self-esteem. As with adults, kids can take pride in the progress they see in their strength building over time. The added bonus is it will help kids do things like lifting heavy backpacks without getting injured.

"They can see the measurable results for themselves — that was hard before, and now it's easier — and it doesn’t rely on them having to outrun somebody else on the soccer field,” Kelber explained.

If you’re like us, you started out skeptical but this all sounds pretty good. The only thing we're still iffy about is the price tag, which is surprisingly steep. Kids’ memberships will cost $140 per month for one class a week, or $280 a month for classes twice a week. All that for some buddy aerobics and fort building? Only on Long Island, we suppose!

If a CrossFit Kids program was started in your area, would you join? Sound off below!

Source: DNAinfo New York

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