Selena Gomez’s Cryptic Instagram Post — Was it Directed at Justin Bieber?
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s Cryptic Instagram Post — Was it Directed at Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber may think he’s attending Selena Gomez’s upcoming birthday party, but he might want to think again. If Selena’s recent Instagram posts are any indication, she is not happy with her (current? Or is it former?) boyfriend-slash-hitmaker.

After a series of bummed out and slightly confusing photo uploads, Selena posted a photo featuring a quote that sounds like it’s aimed directly at Justin. “Sometimes we expect more from others because we’d be willing to do that much more for them,” the quote reads.

So why is she so upset? It could be the lack of an invitation to Justin’s manager Scooter Braun’s wedding, or it could be because of those questionably cozy selfies Justin recently shared of himself with his possible ex-girlfriend Yovanna Ventura this week. If we had to guess, it’s probably a combination of both.

Besides, we have a feeling the Biebs may be a bit too busy with his anger management classes to make it to the shindig… and Selena’s friends don’t exactly sound enthused about the idea of Justin making it onto the guest list in the first place, anyway, so maybe the party would be more fun without him.

Time to sit and wait for the next Instagram update to clue us in on the details! Are they together or are they apart? Cryptic social media posts always tells all.

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