Crystal Mocahantas Barnes Says Porsha Stewart Tried to “Get With” Her Husband
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Crystal Mocahantas Barnes Says Porsha Stewart Tried to “Get With” Her Husband

Just last week someone in Porsha Stewart’s camp denied that the recently separated Real Housewives of Atlanta star had an affair with producer Ralo Wonder, but now Ralo’s fianceé is claiming that the reality star most definitely tried to get with her man!

Crystal Mocahantas Barnes spilled all the tea to RadarOnline, noting that Porsha and Ralo were initially in contact because Porsha was looking to sign to Ralo’s record label. Crystal says it wasn’t long before Porsha tried to take her relationship with Ralo to the next level and “get with” the nearly married man.

And even though there are “R-rated” text messages from Ralo to Porsha, Crystal says that all sexts sent to the H’wife were written by an imposter because “Someone stole his [Ralo’s] phone and was pretending to be him.” However, Crystal also notes that texts from Porsha to her man “are definitely not made up.” In other words, Porsha was allegedly sending dirty text messages to a man she thought was Ralo, but was actually someone pretending to be him.

We can’t make this drama up, folks, and luckily we don’t have to because Crystal is reportedly in talks to join the RHoA cast in Season 6!

We’re having talks about possibly being on the show, but it’s not official yet. It depends on a lot of things,” the new mom revealed. Even though she is currently spending most of her time with Ralo and their two-week-son, Crystal is aware that she could be very valuable to the Bravo show. “If I were to be on the show, it probably would be pretty juicy. So I guess we’ll see!,” she concludes.

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Source: RadarOnline