Anna Paquin Cut From X-Men Movie — Why?
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Anna Paquin Cut From X-Men Movie — Why?

Anyone hoping to see Anna Paquin's Rogue in X-Men: Days of Future Past ... well ... at least there are plenty of other characters still in the movie!

Director Bryan Singer told Entertainment Weekly they had to cut a rescue scene featuring Rogue, Magneto (Ian McKellen), Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore).

“Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous,” Bryan told EW. “It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

Bryan said Anna "completely understood" the decision, even though it's disappointing. He emphasized that she did "a fantastic job" and he'd love to work with her again. These things just happen in the filmmaking process.

It's a shame, though, not just for Anna, but for the fans who wanted to see more of her character from the original X-Men trilogy.

Oh well. The new X-Men movie, which comes out on May 23, features a time-traveling story combining actors from original films — including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Sir Ian and Sir Patrick — and the more recent X-Men: First Class — including Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, and James McAvoy, among others. The cast is huge, it's just minus one really great person now. At least she'll probably be in the extended DVD version!

Are you disappointed that Anna won’t be on screen in the new movie?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

12.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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