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Which CW Star Posed for This Adorable Portrait? (PHOTO)

Now 23, she's been all over your favorite shows for about a decade — most recently on the CW. But back in the day, like all of us, she was just an adorable little kid! This Oklahoma-born actress posted this photo for Throwback Thursday, with the caption "Mini me." Apparently, the gal has always known how to play to a camera, although that adorable straw hat doesn't hurt.

Can you guess who she is? While she's had major roles on two separate CW series, she got her start as an adolescent on Nickelodeon! Starting in 2004, and as recently as last year, she's played a big part in three different series on the network, and smaller roles in many others.

Still not quite getting it? She appeared more than a few times on the Disney Channel, too, getting into a pillow fight with Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly Place, and being in love with Miley Cyrus's boyfriend in Hannah Montana. She's all over the place!

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