Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Alexandra on “Hurtful” Perez Hilton — Exclusive
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America's Next Top Model

Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Alexandra on “Hurtful” Perez Hilton — Exclusive

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 is taking it to the next level, having both men and women smizing it out to see who’s gonna be on top. Unfortunately, each week someone has to go home, and this week it was the end of the line for Alexandra.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Alex after her elimination and spoke with her about the gender-bending challenge, how her mom is doing, her winner prediction, and if she thinks she’ll return with the fan vote later this season.

Check out the interview, and hit the comments to share your thoughts on Alexandra’s elimination.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let’s go back to when you were called to be in the Top 16. What was that feeling like?

Alex: Luckily, I was the first person called, so I didn’t have the anxiety of standing in the crowd and waiting. It was the most amazing feeling. I've wanted to be on this show for so long. When Tyra called my name, I freaked out. I think I jumped on top of Tyra and almost knocked her over. Having your dreams become reality is such an amazing feeling.

This week was a little different with two non-photo competitions. Do you think this was what led to your elimination?

Honestly, I was really excited, even with the Perez Hilton challenge. I was excited because I've always wanted to do fashion corresponding. But honestly, the girl/guy switch was kind of a lot. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be.

I would have rather been eliminated off of being a man in a commercial than one of my high fashion or normal photoshoots. As funny as it is, at least I was eliminated off of something like this. I'm not sure the video of me kissing a 6'2" man/woman is really a real representation of my ability in life.

The thing with Perez, he's made his whole career based off really hurting people and picking on people. They didn't show some of the stuff on the actual episode, but when I was doing my interview, he was asking me to say such hurtful and mean things to the kids that I was interviewing — and I just couldn't do it.

What was the hardest thing about the gender-swap challenge?

The hardest thing for me was I was the one who was supposed to be a businessman. If you're a girl and you're impersonating a guy, you're going to be a gangster or being overdramatic. They wanted me to be more conservative and have more of a proper business posture. It was difficult for me to get into the whole character of being a businessman. I think maybe if it was more of a sillier character it would have been easier to me.

Everyone who has gotten kicked off so far doesn't seem to have the fandom you have. Do you think you have a great shot at returning with the fan vote?

Absolutely! When I got eliminated, my thoughts were that it sucked, but at the same time, if you look at my scores every week, I'm at the top in social media. Even when the judges weren't fond of my photo, social media always loves me. I never got any real critique from that. In my opinion, I was so thankful at that point that the fans loved me and I was just hoping to god that they brought me back.

Let's talk about your mom. How tough was it being on the show, not being able to talk to her very much, and how is she doing?

It was a very frustrating situation. It was really hard, and it felt that some people weren't sharing phone privileges. It was really hard not being able to talk to my mom. She was getting all these tests to see if there was any more biopsies that needed to be done and see how everything was going. We really couldn't talk to our families very much at all.

I think that it did affect me some way in my performance because it was consuming my thoughts and my family is the most important thing to me. It was controlling my mind. But my mom is doing so much better and she's cancer-free right now! She had a little bit of troubles when I first got back from being away in Bali, and when I came back she was having some issues. But she's doing a lot better and I'm so thankful. It was fun to be able to have her watch the show and at least see how much I love and care about her.

How was it working with Tyra as a mentor on the show?

It was amazing. A big thing about Tyra for me is that I love modeling and the industry, but you need to have more than just a face. You have to brand yourself to have a life-long career because after 25, nobody cares about you anymore. She's done such an amazing job building this empire, so that's why I look up to her.

What are you taking away from the show?

I learned so much about things that I want and don't want in my life. I think I just learned a lot about the industry through Tyra and through her critiques. And even just being away from my family for so long and being able to stand on my own, I think it made me a stronger person in general and made me want to fight harder and work harder for what I want. I grew so much as a person.

Who do you think has the best shot at winning the show this season?

I would probably say Marvin has a good shot at winning the show. Marvin has a really amazing strong fashion look. And while Jourdan is a beautiful girl, between her and Marvin, they both have really strong looks and are really talented. Marvin has a really striking look and I think he deserves it more. He's been through it a lot in his life and he's working really hard and he's a really smart kid.

So you think it's going to swing in the guys' favor this year?

I think that I hope not. I'd like a girl to win, but maybe Marvin will take it, I don't know.

Who do you think was the hottest guy in the house?

I definitely think that Don had the most interesting look out of all the guys. He has very striking features, and when they dyed his hair blond, he looked different and edgy. But I don't know if it translated as well. In person I felt that he was so striking but in photos, I don't think it translated as well. I don't think that he's going to take this one.

Who do you think will win ANTM this season? Hit the comments and sound off below.

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