Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Phil Says “Jiana Is Nobody to Me” — Exclusive
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America's Next Top Model

Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Phil Says “Jiana Is Nobody to Me” — Exclusive

Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model has been a wild ride so far. With the show finally allowing both male and female models to fight it out to see who can walk, talk, and smize the best, we’ve seen many relationships form and evolve throughout the season so far. But unfortunately we have to say goodbye to at least one model each week, and this time it was the end of the line for Phil.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Phil after his elimination and spoke with him about his friendship with Jiana, his thoughts on the go-sees and the aerial photoshoot, as well as dealing with his ADHD on TV.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: When you were called to be in the Top 16, what went through your mind?

Phil: I kinda was a shoe-in, I thought they would be a fool not to put me in this house. I never really was that nervous as far as the Top 16 goes. That’s kind of the attitude I have, you have to see it to believe it or else it’s never going to happen.

This week the models went on go-sees. What was that like?

The go-sees are great. I’ve been modeling for the last three years so I’ve been on my share of go-sees. For me, it’s funny, because I come off as a very strong personality. Some designers love it and some designers hate it.

I usually get the feel right away whether or not I booked a show or I didn’t. You can’t take things personally. Designers have an idea of what they want, and you’re either their look or you’re not.

Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Phil Says “Jiana Is Nobody to Me” — Exclusive
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Were you surprised to see some top contenders (Marvin and Jourdan) fail horribly at the go-sees?

You never know who’s going to get picked at a go-see. I was surprised to see that Marvin didn’t book a show, but the most disappointing fact about it is that Marvin still got a 6 on a challenge score for something that he didn’t even book, so 6 is apparently the baseline for failure these days. I didn’t know a 6 was the bottom, a 6 seems like you’re doing all right.

The aerial photoshoot in the grass was an interesting concept, what was that experience like?

I think the aerial photoshoot was definitely a different approach — one that I’ve never experienced. You don’t really know what to do with your body. A lot goes into the styling game with that. For instance, for someone like me, I’m dressed in all black and with all the long hair, there’s really not much showing other than my face, so it’s tough to have body language that isn’t blah. I’m kind of just this black thing on the ground. Whereas other people are styled, like Marvin who had red hair with the red outfit. If that doesn’t stand out, that’s fashion.

I feel like I had a disadvantage. And apparently I didn’t get the photo that I needed. Maybe I did, but it wasn’t the one they selected.

You started off strong, it seemed, but these last few weeks you were in the Bottom 2 — what was that like?

Being put in the bottom is kind of cool. I kind of live my life waking up each day wondering what’s going to happen, and I liked the suspense. I like the mix of emotions. Being in the Bottom 2 really gave you perspective.

It was very hard to watch you and Jiana in the Bottom 2 together. Was that a hard experience for you?

This is a competition. Jiana is nobody to me. She just happens to be in the same house that I am for two months and I’ve gotta deal with her. Seeing Jiana go is just a thank you because I’m still in the competition. I think I felt bad for her, a little bit, because I’m surprised that my social media score beat her because prior weeks my social media score was lower than hers.

Now that the show is over, are you still in touch with any of the other models?

Yeah, my relationship with Marvin is good. He’s young and he’s got a lot of learning to do. I think I came off as a mentor for Marvin and I’ve taken him under my wing. He’s got the potential to run the world, but he’s got to reel it in. He’s got to decide who he wants to be. He doesn’t know who he is yet and he’s still got time to figure that out.

As far as everyone else, I don’t really talk to anyone from the show. Cory, Don, and Marvin, that’s it.

Who do you think has the best shot at winning this season?

I don’t know. They all offer something different to the modeling world. I’m not a client and I’m not here to book anybody, but I know that Jourdan has a typical model look, but that’s going to get old fast. Every 5’11” blonde girl is already in the industry. I don’t see any potential coming from this show from these girls.

So you think a guy is going to win this season, huh?

Yeah, definitely. I think this season is cut out for the guys.

You were very open about your ADHD on the show. Was it tough dealing with that in such a public way?

I like it. I find my ADHD as an advantage more than anything. I’m all over the place, it’s who I am. I’m an in-the-moment type of guy and that’s when I’m going to perform best. People are going to judge, but whatever I do, I try to focus on not disrespecting anyone in the process. That’s my concern, usually.

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