Cynthia Bailey Defends Peter Thomas’s Secret Meeting With Kordell Stewart
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Defends Peter Thomas’s Secret Meeting With Kordell Stewart

Bravo’s hit Real Housewives of Atlanta may technically be focused on the “wives” of the Peach State, but in its sixth season, the tides have shifted. The ladies better watch out, because their men are coming for them! The househusbands are getting in on the action now, and Cynthia Bailey’s hubby Peter Thomas fronted the drama this week when he got involved in Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart’s ongoing divorce.

Prior to the group’s couples trip to Mexico, Peter stopped by Kordell’s crib to chat, bro-style, about the end of his marriage to Porsha. The Atlanta businessman said he just wanted to get the man’s side of the story, but he uncovered some juicy dirt in the meantime — namely that Porsha’s meddling family and money problems were to blame for the initial split, and drawn out divorce, respectively. Oh, and she totally knew the split was coming, he says.

Peter took this info south of the border, and confronted Porsha with it almost right away in the limo from the airport to the hotel. All the while, Cynthia sat there silent — though she did tell the Bravo cameras later on that she didn’t think it was the right time for Peter to bring it up. Too little, too late, Cyn!

Both viewers and some of the fellow Housewives have said that it was inappropriate for Peter to insert himself into the situation by meeting with Kordell in the first place. But as much as Cynthia might support her girl, she has her husband’s back on this one.

“I never tell any of the ladies when @PeterThomasRHOA hangs out with their men Their friendships have nothing to do with me,” Cynthia writes.

While Peter is allowed to socialize with whomever he’d like, it seems he was seeking out trouble by talking to Kordell behind Porsha’s back on-camera. If he wants to hang with the former NFL star, power to him, but keep out of their relationship.

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