Cynthia Bailey Admits That She Likes When the Husbands Get Involved
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Admits That She Likes When the Husbands Get Involved

Apollo Nida recently said the husbands are the women’s business on the Real Housewives of Atlanta — and at least one of the wives agrees.

Cynthia Bailey watched in shock as her friend NeNe Leakes told Peter Thomas to stay out of the women’s affairs and stop trying to be “a damn bitch.” Peter and Cynthia were just on the Big Tigger Show, and Cynthia defended her husband’s right to speak up.

“I actually like that the guys are really involved with the ladies,” Cynthia said (via S2S Magazine). “Whether they voice it or not, they all have an opinion…They’re in the loop. They know what’s going on. They might as well say something. What’s the point of having them around if they’re not going to say anything?” Peter added, “If I’m in the room and you say some ill stuff, I’m going to have something to say.”

Cynthia also defended herself for not jumping in to tell NeNe off for insulting Peter. “NeNe and I have been friends for a long time,” she said. “It wasn’t a situation where there was a beef going on and I knew the potential for even Peter and Gregg to fight was even going to happen. By the time we realize that they’re fighting, we’re both upset about that. I’m thinking when NeNe jumped in — which I didn’t understand why she jumped in the first place — when she did, I thought, ‘Oh, she’s going to help break this up’ … I wasn’t really prepared for it. It just was crazy.”

Cynthia has made it clear since then, on the show and on Twitter, that you just don’t call your friends or their husbands the b-word. So far it sounds like a lot of fans are siding with Peter on this one — calling it fair game for the husbands/boyfriends to step in with their opinions (especially in this instance, to challenge NeNe). They are part of this show too, and speaking up at least shows they care.

Do you like when the husbands step in, or do you think they should stay out of situations that don’t directly involve them?

Source: S2S Magazine