Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She Didn’t Reach Out to Kenya Moore During Eviction Scandal
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Explains Why She Didn’t Reach Out to Kenya Moore During Eviction Scandal

Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked off this week and the drama is already through the roof. Not surprisingly, most of the nonsense is stemming from the one and only Kenya Moore, who seems to constantly have a problem with everyone. This week, she's annoyed that none of the other Housewives reached out to her when the blog sites were reporting that she was undergoing eviction.

Cynthia Bailey, for one, isn't about to let Kenya make her feel bad. The supermodel Housewife took to her Bravo blog to defend her decision to stay out of Kenya's business.

"Kenya had no real reason to be upset with me about not reaching out to her regarding her alleged eviction," Cynthia concluded, elaborating, "Kenya is a smart, successful businesswoman, so I did not believe for a second that she would ever do anything to put herself in that kind of situation. Therefore, I chose not to reach out to her when I heard this rumor, because outside of working with Kenya, her personal business/issues are none of my business unless she calls me to discuss them."

She also added, "FYI: I do not believe everything I read in the blogs (as I have been a victim to articles that we're not completely factual myself, such as pregnancy rumors, Peter cheating on me, TBA school closing, foreclosures, etc,). Side Note: Kenya has never called to check on me about any of the above."

Wow, it sounds like Cynthia is the lawyer in the group!

Do you agree with Cynthia that there was no reason for her to contact Kenya or should she have checked up on Kenya? Sound off below!

Source: BravoTV Blog

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