Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Marriage Struggles
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Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Marriage Struggles

When it comes to her personal life, Cynthia Bailey has certainly had her ups and downs in her relationship with Peter Thomas. For the most part, we've been there every step of the way with her as her journey with Peter played out on the past few seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cynthia recently spoke with Vibe Vixen magazine, where she revealed that things between her and Peter aren't exactly smooth right now, although that wasn't always the case.

In the beginning, things were pretty rocky between the couple due to financial issues that came up between them. Basically, Cynthia lent Peter a whole bunch of money for his business venture, Uptown Supper Club, which ended up going down the drain. Then, her sister and mom didn't help things when they pretty much sabotaged her wedding day by contemplating keeping the marriage license from them.

Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Marriage Struggles
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The following season, however, Cynthia and Peter did a complete 180 and seemed like the perfect match. After once again reciting their vows on a beach in Anguilla, life seemed like it couldn't get any better for the attractive couple.

For Season 6, we can expect to hit a few bumps, though.

"One of the things that we struggle with is balancing," Cynthia explained, adding, "I’m so in to work mode and trying to make sure we’ll never go back to that. I make sure we always have financial security and Peter’s the same way. Now we don’t really have a lot of boo time with each other and that’s frustrating, especially for Peter. He’s always saying 'we don’t ever do anything; all we do is work'."

Tune in this season to see how the drama unfolds.

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