Cynthia Bailey “Offended and Embarrassed” by NeNe Leakes’s Behavior — Find Out Why!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey “Offended and Embarrassed” by NeNe Leakes’s Behavior — Find Out Why!

During this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey simultaneously rehash their memories of NeNe's argument with Peter Thomas at Kenya Moore’s Saving Our Daughters charity event. While Cynthia was upset with her hubby for taking up with her bestie, NeNe was still pretty critical of Peter, referring to his behavior as some “b—h- ass-ness” to Gregg. Well, Cynthia was none too pleased with NeNe’s comment, and she made it known this week.

The resident Atlanta supermodel was pretty open with her disapproval of her pal in her Bravo TV Blog this week, and she really took her to task.

“I am beyond offended and embarrassed that one of my closest and most loyal friends called my husband a b—h for speaking the truth,” she writes, and she wasn’t done yet. “Not only is it blatant disrespect, it's also dirty. It crosses the line and hits way below the belt. A little surprising coming from someone who prides themselves on being such a good friend and the authority on who is not one.”

Uh oh, don’t mess with Cynthia’s man! We don’t think we’ve ever heard her sound so angry. Now we know her breaking point is anyone calling her husband a “b—h,” which doesn’t bode well for the next March 9 episode of RHoA, where we witness NeNe call Peter as much during his fight with Gregg.

For now, however, it looks like Cynthia was appeased by Linnethia’s choice to show up at Peter’s party and (sort of) play nice.

“I was so happy when NeNe and Gregg showed up at Peter's party!” she adds, playing nice. “The fact that my girl was able to take the high road and come to the party was validation that we indeed had a solid friendship and would always be able to work through our differences no matter how big or small. That's what real friends do!”

Very true! We’re glad to see Cynthia and NeNe work through this… even if that might all go to crap in the next episode. Oh, Atlanta, how you toy with our emotions!

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