Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’s Bar One Goes Into Foreclosure? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’s Bar One Goes Into Foreclosure? (VIDEO)

There's more than one bad b-word on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. If a bar business goes bust, that's a big bummer.

Just last month, Peter Thomas talked about shooting the Bar One experience in Charlotte, comparing it to a spin-off like what Lisa Vanderpump did for RHoBH with SUR. On March 18, he tweeted, “MY BROKE ASS IS OPENING A NEW BAR IN CHARLOTTE NEXT MONTH, come out and support ve you all, good nite."

But what's a business or a spin-off without drama? Cue this upcoming scene from RHoA (watch video below), where Peter gives Cynthia Bailey some difficult Bar One news.

Peter first tells Cynthia he's "stressed the hell out." She asks about blog news she read about a Bar One foreclosure. He explains that he got a letter last month from his attorney, saying the bank wants direct payments because the owners of the Bar One property haven't been paying the mortgage. He doesn't own the space, he rents. Those guys are getting ready to lose the property, he said, and they won't be his landlord anymore. His attorney is handling it, and once he can prove he's been paying and he's not delinquent, then they'll honor his lease. "I'm not in default."

Cynthia does not want to hear this for a couple of reasons. First of all, she wishes she had heard it from Peter before she saw it on a blog. He didn't want to worry her about it, but instead she was blindsided, hearing it from others. Plus, the owner of the Bar One space also owns the Industry Studios space that houses The Bailey Agency.

"So if Bar One is in jeopardy of foreclosing," Cynthia asks, "does that mean that Industry is also [in trouble]?" Peter tries to assure her she won't lose the Industry space, but Cynthia knows he can't really promise her that. She asks about Peter's Plan B, since his lease is up in four months and they may not renew it. He said he'll just find a new location. This is also not what Cynthia wants to hear. She's tired of starting over all the time.

It may be that nothing bad happens, the attorney sorts it all out and this is just a little bit of drama to tease out the bar spin-off. Do you think everything will turn out fine for Bar One (and the spin-off), or are more stumbling blocks ahead?

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