Cynthia Bailey Talks Sex Life Post-Fibroid Surgery! — Exclusive
Cynthia Bailey Talks Sex Life Post-Fibroid Surgery! — Exclusive
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Cynthia Bailey Talks Sex Life Post-Fibroid Surgery! — Exclusive


Thanks to Cynthia Bailey, we’ve all learned just how big of a bummer uterine fibroids can be. Not only is there excessive bleeding, bloating and exhaustion, but it puts a hell of a damper on your sex drive. After bravely letting the Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras film her struggle, she opted to undergo UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization) to remove them. Now, several months later, Cynthia – and her husband Peter - opened up exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment about the results.

Wetpaint Entertainment: First thing’s first. How are you feeling?

Cynthia: I feel great. I’m so happy with the decision to get the procedure. The fibroids were a real physical and a mental drain. So many women deal with them, but it’s one of those things that people really don’t talk about.

Any regrets about putting your ordeal on camera?

I was actually really glad I did it on the show. I’ve gotten an overwhelming response from people all over the world who are suffering with fibroids who’ve said they were inspired by me putting it out there. Hopefully, it was informative for their husbands or mates as well because, initially, when I started dealing with the symptoms, Peter didn’t really get it. He was like, ‘Oh you should just do some sit-ups. There’s no reason you should look three months pregnant.’

You were adverse to having a hysterectomy. Was that because you might want more children?

No. I definitely don’t want any more kids. And with UFE, you can’t have children after you have it. I just didn’t undergo a big, serious surgery if I didn’t have to. If there was an alternative that didn’t involve cutting things out of my body, I wanted to explore that first.

The burning question everyone’s wondering: how’s your sex life these days?

Cynthia: Our sex life is definitely better, right babe? We’re working on it.

Peter: Some is better than none…

Cynthia: It’s not like I’m chasing him around the bedroom or anything but it’s going to get better.

Peter: We cuddle now more than we ever did before. And that’s what I missed, the cuddling.

Cynthia: We definitely do. Everything’s improving. Although I will say, I got a lot of makeup sex ahead of me!

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