Cynthia Bailey Tweets About “Real Friends” — Did She Just Shade NeNe Leakes?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Tweets About “Real Friends” — Did She Just Shade NeNe Leakes?

On the March 30 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes said her friendship with Cynthia Bailey was the most important to her, so she wanted to mend fences after B-tchGate. NeNe and Gregg Leakes extended their hands across the table to Cynthia and Peter Thomas to try and get past everything said and done.

But this may be a forgive-but-never-forget situation, since Cynthia tweeted on the night of March 30, "The respect between friends has to be mutual #grownfolkstyle #live&learn.” She later added, “Friends are not always going to agree on everything, but they still have to respect each other's opinions. #evenwhentheyrwrong … Real friends are hard to find #cherishthem #respect&love.”

A few days earlier she had tweeted, "I don't call my friends or their husbands bitches. To each it's own but thats not what I do #respect #mychoice.” On March 30, she retweeted a note to her, reading, "Put that on a shirt: ‘Friends don't call friends bitches.'"

There’s a good amount of passive-aggression in Cynthia’s tweets, but it sounds like she still considers NeNe to be a real friend.

NeNe had confronted Peter for butting into “women’s business,” saying he was trying to be a “b-tch.” She meant that he was acting like he was one of the women, and the real apology should be from NeNe to members of her own gender. When are we going to get past dropping the b-bomb to refer to women?

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