Credit: Cynthia Bailey on Instagram Photo: Cynthia Bailey Gets Fit For 2014

2013 wasn’t the easiest year for The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey, who had debilitating uterine fibroids removed. She also recently revealed that her husband, Peter Thomas, almost left her before she took care of the painful condition. As we’ve detailed before, the fibroids caused Cynthia to bloat, gain weight, and pretty much destroyed her sex drive — a breaking point for Peter, who admitted he considered cheating on his wife when things got tough.

But things are looking up for Cynthia and her marriage now. She and Peter get busy “all the time,” and the gorgeous model has also been working on her fitness in a serious way. Though it’s a bit early to break out the New Years resolution, Cyn is all about staying healthy and getting fit in 2014.

On December 26, the reality star shared a photo of herself working hard at the gym. “Christmas is over. Time to get fit & healthy for 2014. Loving @calibere,” she wrote alongside the snap showing her with her legs up on an excercise ball and her arms at her sides. Work that core, girl!

The fibroids may have caused Cynthia to gain some weight, but you wouldn’t know it now by looking at her slender frame — she seems runway-ready to us!

In a recent interview, Cynthia revealed that she gets pretty ratchet on an upcoming episode of RHoA, and in this Sunday’s episode her buddy NeNe even moves her to tears, but hopefully she’s put all of that drama behind her as well.

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