Credit: Cynthia Bailey on Instagram Photo: Shiny and Soft Curls

To be perfectly honest, we don’t quite understand Cynthia Bailey’s marriage to Peter Thomas. Late last year Peter readily admitted that he nearly left Cynthia and considered cheating on her when uterine fibroids made her too sick and uncomfortable to sleep with him, and even though Cyn has said that their relationship improved once she had the fibroids removed, we still have our doubts.

For example, on an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that aired a few weeks ago, Peter admitted to feeling frustrated in his marriage. There’s nothing wrong with that, but his proposed solution to the problem — getting a “man cave” of his own across town — had us scratching our heads and rolling our eyes.To her credit, Cynthia has acknowledged that the couple could stand to work on their communication.

Credit: Cynthia Bailey on Instagram Photo: Cynthia Bailey Sports a Sexy Look

But relationship hiccups aside, supermodel Cynthia still has some great things in store for her man this Valentine’s Day. In an article/photoshoot for Today’s Black Woman, Cynthia offers some tips on how to keep things steamy for your boo this February 14. “Sexy it up for your man @peterthomasrhoa #todaysblackwoman #valentinesday,” Cynthia captioned an Instagram photo of herself in the mag.

We’re glad the RHoA star is working hard to keep the love alive, and we only hope her hubby has some romantic plans of his own. After a rough year, Cynthia deserves to be treated like a queen!

In another photo from the magazine (above center) we can get a better look at Cyn’s soft curls. We’re not used to seeing her hair so light, but we kinda like it!

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