Genius Dad Discovers How to Stop His Daughter From Crying Instantly (VIDEO)
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Genius Dad Discovers How to Stop His Daughter From Crying Instantly (VIDEO)

That awkward moment when you find yourself laughing at a video of a crying child. We promise, this is not as horrible as it sounds! This video by arfmoochikncheez features several clips of a crying baby girl, but with each clip comes a moment of reprieve from the wails and genius from the man behind the camera.

The key to this dad’s trick to making his daughter forget about crying is that age-old trick, distraction. As soon as she starts to bawl, he asks her a simple question or gives her a simple command, focusing her mind on something else. He’ll ask her something like “What does a cow say?” or “What does a dog say?” or tell her to kiss whatever is in her hands. Our favorite is the request to have her stick out her tongue. Although she could keep crying through that one, the thought process involved in sticking out her tongue is enough to calm her.

We’re gonna try this, mark our words. This may only work with very small babies or toddlers, but since those are the ages of children who (arguably) cry the most—or at least at the highest decibel—we feel like this is totally worth the minimal effort.

What tricks do you have for making your kid stop crying? Share your wisdom below!

08.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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