How Does Kandi Burruss’s Dad Feel About Her Marriage to Todd Tucker?
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Kandi Burruss

How Does Kandi Burruss’s Dad Feel About Her Marriage to Todd Tucker?

We’ve got our fingers crossed that Kandi Burruss’s issues with Mama Joyce are a thing of the past now that she’s officially married to Todd Tucker. However, after seeing the interviews her judgmental mother put out after the wedding, we aren’t really holding our breaths. But while Kandi’s mom has had plenty to say about the union, how does Kandi’s father feel about Todd?

The good news is that Kandi has at least one pro-Todd parent in her life. In the April 13 season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw her father, Titus, attending the opening night of her Joyce-inspired musical, A Mother’s Love. It was there that Kandi’s pop took a moment to share his support for his daughter’s (then-impending) marriage.

“What your mom said, that’s her opinion, whatever,” Titus began while the two chatted backstage after the play, adding, “But I see something in y’all together. I know you’re so mature and ground based, whoever you love, I love.”

And it’s not just that Titus trusts his grown daughter — take a page, Joyce! — but he also has given Todd the chance to show him how much he cares for his little girl.

“He truly loves you,” Kandi’s dad stated. “Forget about the riff raff and go by your heart.” #Preach!

The reality star and her father may have had issues in the past, but it’s so nice to see them moving forward in such a good place! We hope Todd feels at least his father-in-law’s support in this whole thing.

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