Aviva Drescher’s 76-Year-Old Dad George Defends Engagement to Girlfriend, 25
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Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher’s 76-Year-Old Dad George Defends Engagement to Girlfriend, 25

We knew it wouldn’t be long before Aviva Drescher’s flirty retiree father George Teichner snagged himself a lady, but he’s really outdone himself with his new little lady. The 76-year-old announced to the world on the May 27 episode of Real Housewives of New York that he’d popped the question to his girlfriend Dana Lavette Cody, 25, and no one has been able to stop talking about it since.

While the viewers were certainly skeptical about the 50-plus year age gap, it was Aviva’s opinionated castmates that really put up a fuss. Ramona Singer even prompted the young gal to tear up after she told George that no mother would want to see her child marry a 76-year-old — an ill-suited comment for Cody, as both of her parents are deceased.

Luckily, George does have the support of his Housewife daughter, who threw him and his bride-to-be an engagement party at The Museum of Sex in the June 3 episode. Though she admits her father’s relationship is “unconventional,” Aviva, 43, says she believes that it’s true love between these two.

But George doesn’t seem to need his daughter as backup, as he’s defending his relationship all on his own to Us Weekly this week.

"Our relationship is a mysterious power from which the worlds around me have originated upon meeting Cody, and is the base on which my all rests and moves,” George ruminates to the mag. “The power of our together is so mysterious that words that attempt to describe it turn back defeated."

You sort of lost us there Georgie, but okay. At least he elaborates a bit more specifically here.

"As to my love for Cody: all things rise from her, exist in her, and merge into our relationship," he continues. "As to the naysayers, jealous women, and just plain Stoopids. I emphasize to such now: things that are not definable, that cannot be delineated, are usually dismissed as false."

Hmm still a bit foggy, but it sounds like he loves her and haters to the left? Works for us!

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Source: Us Weekly