Dad Fires Up Outrage By Sharing Photo of Baby Holding Huge Rifle on Facebook
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Dad Fires Up Outrage By Sharing Photo of Baby Holding Huge Rifle on Facebook

Usually, pictures of a new baby on Facebook are too cute for words, but a recent photo of an infant holding a gigantic rifle have left many speechless.

Local news affiliate WTNH reports that the photo was snapped by the baby’s father, Christopher Duffy, at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post in Woodbridge, Connecticut. The powerful gun, which rests on the 6-month-old baby girl’s lap, is a Bolt Action Rifle.

The photo was shared by Duffy on the store’s Facebook page, and immediately caused a social media firestorm. Bryanna Wingate, for example, took issue with the photo and posted this comment, “After everything that happened in Connecticut with Sandy Hook and everything that’s going on with the gun laws, why would you have your baby holding a gun … a big gun?”

Others have come to Duffy’s defense, citing his Second Amendment rights and that as long as the rifle isn’t loaded, what’s the harm?

In his defense, Duffy explained to Erin Andrews of WTNH, “The little one actually latched onto it when I first picked it up to see how heavy it was. It’s actually very light, to test the weight, so I just decided to take the picture,” he said.

Although the owners of the gun shop have taken down this photo and another of a baby holding a gun from the store’s Facebook page, co-owner Mike Majewski told WHTN, “If someone wants to share something with the community, I have no problem posting it on the page.”

Source: WTNH

02.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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