Dad Caught on Video Pushing His Six-Year-Old Son Down a 13-Foot Drop Skateboard Ramp
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Dad Caught on Video Pushing His Six-Year-Old Son Down a 13-Foot Drop Skateboard Ramp

A dad in Florida has a lot of explaining to do after a video showing him allegedly pushing his six-year-old son down a skate ramp — with a 13-foot drop nonetheless — has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, Marcus Crossland is standing at the top of the drop with his son, Dino, at Kona Park Skate Park, in Jacksonville, Florida. Crossland seems to be coaxing Dino to drop in, and then roughly pushes him down the ramp and walks away. Dino falls and is heard groaning in pain at the bottom of the steep ramp.

According to TODAY Moms, the video was taken by Ryan Stephens, another skater at the park. Stephens uploaded the video to his Instagram page April 26, along with the comment,“Can't believe this dad pushed this little kid down big brown because he didn't drop in, #peoplethesedays.”

#People, indeed. The response to the disturbing video immediately went viral, with over 1,300 people liking Stephens’s video, leaving many outraged by Crossland’s behavior.

One person even commented, “‘Dad’ who pushed his 6 yr old 13 feet down on a skateboard ramp-if that's not abuse nothing is! He needs jail time! #NoExcuses.” Many also wondered how any woman could have a child with such a bad father.

Dino was found to be in good condition and was reportedly skating at the park later that day, but local police and the Florida Department of Children and Families say they will still be investigating the incident.

Martin Ramos, the owner of the Kona Park Skate Park, stated in a text message to NBC News that Crossland is “remorseful and embarrassed” by his actions. He said the father and son are park regulars, and that he’s never seen Crossland behave this way towards his son.

What about you, have you ever seen anyone abuse a child in public?

Source: TODAY Moms

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