New Dads Miss Sleep More Than Sex, Poll Reveals
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New Dads Miss Sleep More Than Sex, Poll Reveals

We could hardly believe it, but according to a poll by Today, 37 percent of new dads said they wanted more sleep in the first year of their baby’s life while only 31 percent said they wanted more sex! Yes, the numbers are close, but as women, we’d like to dwell on that six percent difference for a second.

It’s actually kind of funny when compared to the women’s preferences: 65 percent of women said they wanted more sleep while a measly 5 percent wanted more sex — funny, as in not even the slightest bit surprising. We just created a human being and ejected it out of our Hooha! Of course we want to take that first year off from sex!

Other categories in the poll asked how many men and women missed alone time with themselves and alone time with their spouse. On these two, women we’re close, coming in at 18 and 12 percent, respectively, while men missed alone time with their hunnies more, clocking in at 9 and 23 percent.

Parenting expert and Today contributor Michele Borba says more new parents think they’re going to be the exception to the new baby/no sleep pandemic, but that’s almost never the case. She says, “When reality comes and the baby is there, sleep isn’t part of the deal. You’re not prepared for how often they do need you and how (little) you are able to sleep.”

How did you and your spouse handle baby’s first nights at home? Were you the exception or were you about ready to strangle somebody?

Source: Today

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09.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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