Dalis Connell on Breakup with Ryan Edwards: It “Was a Good Life Lesson”
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Dalis Connell on Breakup with Ryan Edwards: It “Was a Good Life Lesson”

Teen Mom super-stud, Ryan Edwards, has been through his fair share of relationships, but fans got to know his ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell pretty well during the docu-drama's fourth season.

This gal was all kinds of feisty while filming Teen Mom, but sadly she and Ryan broke up in December 2012 after Dalis found out Ryan had been cheating. Dalis has only opened up about the drama-rama a few times, but recently chatted about Ryan's wandering eye to Tennessee Tech Athletics’s online magazine, Unlimited.

"Ryan was cheating on me for the last eight months we were dating and I didn't know," she explained. "I found out the same week that my mom passed away and that's why we broke up for good. The whole experience was a good life lesson. I don't deal with lying anymore. I am more aware of my relationships now."

Dalis is currently dating a pro ball player named Seth Lucio (who plays for "Team Jesus Christ"), and it looks like she's happier than ever. But thanks to Teen Mom, girlfriend went through a huge rough patch.

"When Teen Mom was on the negative comments were awful because the show portrayed me in such a negative light," Dalis explained. "I would get hundreds of comments on Twitter saying 'you should kill yourself' and horrible things like that. And I would say to myself that I know I'm not a terrible person. So I just had to learn to shake it off."

Dalis eventually had to go on anti-anxiety meds to cope with her feelings, but she’s now off of them and able to enjoy life with her new man. And by the way, Ryan completely denies cheating on Dalis. "I didn’t cheat on her I just broke up with her," he explained at the time.

Sigh, classic case of "he said, she said." Who do you believe? Let us know below!

Source: Unlimited