Vampire Diaries Couple Damon and Elena Win Best Couple Ever!
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Couple Damon and Elena Win Best Couple Ever!

The universe has spoken, and Vampire Diaries couple Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) have been dubbed best couple ever by the fans who voted in E! Online’s epic television shipper tournament. How did the cast react to the good news?

"I mean it's crazy!" Nina said of the win. "The Delena fans are so passionate and so enthusiastic and such rabid lovers of Damon and Elena's chemistry and their relationship that obviously we're incredibly flattered and excited about it. It is really awesome!"

Delena was up against some real television heavyweights. The tourney started with 64 couples including Friends’ Ross and Rachel, Buffy’s Buffy and Angel, and Sex in the City’s Carrie and Big. In the final round, Delena beat out Glee’s Rachel and Finn by only three percent.

In fact, a humble Nina actually said she was voting for another duo. Which iconic couple was she hoping would take home the win?: "I'm a little upset about [the win], to be honest with you. Ricky and Lucy were the ultimate couple, so I feel like we stole it from them and they deserve it more. They are much more iconic. I grew up watching I Love Lucy, so I guess I'm a little biased."

Ian was also filled with gratitude for the recognition from the fans. "Those are some pretty phenomenal couples to be in any kind of competition with," Ian said. "And to know that whatever Damon and Elena have done that resonates with fans, we're so grateful to have that title!" As for next year? He’s putting his money on another TVD-verse couple: Klaus and Elijah! We have to agree, that book-reading scene in last week’s episode was pretty adorable.

And what did the woman behind the series, showrunner Julie Plec, have to say about the big win? She told E! Online that she was “happily surprised” as the contest held some “brutal competition.” That’s an understatement. But we’re not surprised Delena came away with the win. TVD has the best fans! (Which is why we have high hopes for Delena’s People Choice Awards nomination.)

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